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GRM-10/48: Offline Temperature Profile

_Values Remarks
Units Kelvin (K) _
Domain 0-50 km Surface to
~1 hPa
Range180-350 K_
on target
0-5 km: 1-2 K
5-30 km: 0.5 K
30-40 km: 0.5-3 K
40-50 km: 3-5 K
on vertical
250-500 m Depends on back-
ground pressure levels
GRM-10 status Development Metop-A
GRM-48 status Development Metop-B
 Current product version: N/A_

Product description

The Offline temperature product contains a profile of temperature as a function of height (geometric and geopotential) above the EGM-96 geoid.

Algorithm description

Each product profile is the result of one radio occultation. Signals from the occulting GPS satellite are measured by the GRAS receiver onboard the EPS/Metop satellite, downlinked, and processed by the ROM SAF into refractivity. More details can be found on the Radio Occultation Theory page and in a future Validation Report.

Data characteristics

GRAS measures about 700 GPS occultations per day. The product is produced in both NetCDF and BUFR format, and will be stored in the ROM SAF Product Archive.

Product validation and monitoring

Accuracy of the current version of the product will be described in a future Validation Report. Daily monitoring of the processing and dissemination will be made available at the Monitoring Page.

Product documentation

All ROM SAF NRT and Offline products are described in the Product User Manual.
This product will be made available at the Product Archive.

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