NWP Model and Data Flow

Monitoring of NRT Products:
NWP Model and Data Flow

This page contains improved NRT monitoring of RO data, with effect from 1st May 2017. The monitoring of data up to that point can be found at old NRT monitoring.

This page provides monitoring of near real-time (NRT) RO data. The quality of the data is monitored by comparison to forward modelled NWP model data from the Met Office and ECMWF (upgrades to these NWP systems are logged here). The following data streams are monitored: GRAS data on Metop-B and Metop-C, as provided by ROM SAF DMI and by EUMETSAT Secretariat; Sentinel-6 data, jointly operated by EUMETSAT and NASA and processed by JPL; FORMOSAT-7/COSMIC-2 data provided by UCAR (Boulder, USA); ROHPP data on PAZ, operated by HISDESAT and processed by UCAR (Boulder, USA); IGOR data on TerraSAR-X and TANDEM-X, and TriG data on GRACE-C and GRACE-D provided by GFZ (Potsdam, Germany); RO data provided by Spire based on processing by EUMETSAT Secretariat; Pyxis observations provided by PlanetiQ and processed by UCAR GNOS data on FY-3C, FY-3D and FY-3E provided by CMA (Beijing, China); and AOPOD data on KOMPSAT-5, operated by KARI (Daejeon, South Korea) and processed by UCAR (Boulder, USA). All of these products are available on the WMO Global Telecommunication System (GTS) - see these routing headers. Note that the 1D-Var diagnostics presented here are not calculated from the retrieval chain at ROM SAF DMI, but are from an offline 1D-Var run at the Met Office for quality control prior to assimilation.

We encourage feedback on this monitoring site through the ROM SAF enquiry form. Other monitoring sites are: ECMWF, JCSDA, Météo-France, NRL and NCEP. ECMWF also provides a Satellite Data Automatic Checking Service which includes GPSRO alerts. Table with upgrades of the EUMETSAT GRAS PPF software.

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