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Announcement of upcoming ROM SAF PlanetiQ (procured by NOAA) NRT Production
DATE:   2023-09-01 14:40
Dear ROM SAF NRT Data User

Issued: 2023-09-01: 14:40:00 UTC

The ROM SAF is pleased to announce the upcoming production of near real-time (NRT) products based on radio occultation (RO) measurements from the PlanetiQ satellites. The NRT production and dissemination is expected to start on 7 September 2023 (see UNS from EUMETSAT OPS below).

These PlanetiQ data are procured by NOAA, but made available under a global licence to EUMETSAT. The products contain vertical profiles of atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and refractivity. The ROM SAF data generation is based on the Level 1B NRT data (bending angle) provided by the EUMETSAT Secretariat, and will include a copy of the EUMETSAT Secretariat NRT bending angle. The ROM SAF PlanetiQ products are provided with the status “demonstration”.

The BUFR files for these data contain an extra descriptor for the satellite sub-identifier (descriptor 0 01 016) in BUFR Section 3. This descriptor comes immediately before the RO BUFR sequence of descriptors (descriptor 3 10 026). Master Table Version 39 (or higher) is required to decode the BUFR data.

To indicate that these data are procured by NOAA, the sub-centre code in BUFR Section 1 is set to 220.

The time significance in the BUFR files (descriptor 0 08 021) is set to 25, meaning ’nominal reporting time’, and consequently the time increment (descriptor 0 04 016) is always zero.

Kind regards
The ROM SAF Team

Sendt: 31. august 2023 13:36
Emne: Weekly Operations Schedule - Week 36

Message number: 10951
Message creation: Thu Aug 31 11:34:55 UTC 2023


Type: Service Enhancement
Ann Nr: 9962
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Start Time: 2023-09-07 09:00:00.0
End Time: 2023-09-07 09:00:00.0
Subject: product-change
Detail: Following the release on EUMETCast of Level-1B NOAA-procured Spire Radio Occultation data processed by EUMETSAT, and L2 product generated by the ROM SAF, on 20 June 2023, NOAA switched from Spire to another data provider, PlanetiQ, on 18 July 2023, corresponding to the start of their next 6-month delivery order. L1 and L2 processors have now been adapted to the new PlanetiQ data by EUMETSAT Central Facility and ROM SAF, respectively. Both L1B and L2 PlanetiQ data will start being distributed via EUMETCast Europe and EUMETCast Terrestrial from 7 September 2023.
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Issue Time: 2023-08-30 15:48:44.0
Services: Commercial Radio Occultation NOAA
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