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Dissemination of Metop-B refractivity data over GTS
DATE:   2012-12-04 14:21
Dear ROM SAF GTS user

We are pleased to announce the start of the dissemination of
the Metop-B refractivity product (GRM-40) planned to begin on
Monday December 10, 2012, at 12:00 UTC.

The dissemination has the formal status of "demonstration". This is
a best efforts service provided as part of the commissioning activities
related to Metop-B. After the commissioning phase (about February/March
2013) the product will be disseminated with full operational status.

The data are formatted as a BUFR file and disseminated over
the GTS system in near real time. The codes for the GRM-40 BUFR
file is similar to the codes for the GRM-01 BUFR file (Metop-A refractivity),
i.e., the code is "IUT[A-L]14 EKMI" for both Metop-A and -B.
The satellite code (3=Metop-B, 4=Metop-A) is in the BUFR headers.

The refractivity data are generated from the level 1b bending angles
disseminated by the EUMETSAT Central Application Facility since
15 November. The BUFR file also includes a copy of the thinned
version of these bending angles.

In the second half of January 2013 EUMETSAT will be carrying out
a series of parameter upload tests and during this test period
the dissemination will be stopped. When we get closer to this test
period we will be providing more information.

Early January we plan to add the Metop-B data to our NRT monitoring
Monitoring of bending angles (including Metop-B) is also available at
the ECMWF monitoring page:

If there are questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards
The ROM SAF team

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