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GRAS SAF Workshop on Assimilation of GPS Radio Occultation Measurements (AGROM)

ECMWF, Reading, UK, 16th-18th of June, 2008

A joint ECMWF/GRAS SAF workshop on "the assimilation of GPS radio-occultation (GPS RO) measurements" was organised at the ECMWF. The workshop considered the applications of GPS radio occultation measurements in operational numerical weather prediction and reanalysis/climate studies.

GPS radio occultation measurements are an important new addition to the global observing network: they have good vertical resolution, an all weather capability and long term stability. Forecast impact studies at a number of operational numerical weather prediction centres have demonstrated that they provide useful temperature information. The measurements can be assimilated without bias correction and therefore have the potential to improve the bias correction of satellite radiance measurements. Recent studies have also shown that they provide useful information on the height of the planetary boundary layer. Furthermore, the long term stability of the GPS radio occultation measurements suggests that they will have important applications in climate signal detection and model testing.

The topics for the workshop included: Status of current and future missions, the latest developments in assimilation methods employed at the operational centres, the retrieval of planetary boundary layer information and recent work on the reanalysis and climate applications.

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More information can be found at the workshop webpage.

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