This page contains ROM SAF conference presentations, posters, and articles. Content from ROM SAF user workshops can be found at the User Workshops page.







  • 2009 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference, Bath, United Kingdom, 21 - 25 September 2009;
    • K. B. Lauritsen (poster): The GRAS SAF Project and Radio Occultation Data
    • S. Healy (talk): Assimilation of GRAS GPS Radio Occultation Measurements at ECMWF


  • EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 13-18 April 2008
    • H. Gleisner, K. B. Lauritsen, S. Syndergaard, F. Rubek, M. B. Sørensen (poster): POSTER EGU2008-A-05425; CL17-1WE5P-0221; Climate Data Based on Radio Occultation Measurements by the GRAS/Metop Instrument
  • 2008 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference, Darmstadt, Germany, 8-12 September 2008;
    • K. B. Lauritsen (poster): The GRAS SAF Project: Radio Occultation Data from Metop
    • S. Syndergaard, F. Rubek (poster): GRAS SAF Validation of Metop Radio Occultation Data
    • H. Gleisner (poster): Global Climatologies Based on Radio Occultation Measurements by the GRAS/Metop Instrument


  • 2007 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 24-28 September 2007;
    • K. B. Lauritsen (poster): The GRAS SAF Project: First Results from Metop
    • F. Rubek (poster): Operational Center for GRAS Radio Occultation Products
    • H. Gleisner (poster): Climate Data Based on GNSS Radio Occultations from the GRAS/Metop Instrument


  • 2006 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference, Helsinki, Finland, 12-16 June 2006;
    • K. B. Lauritsen (talk): The GRAS SAF: Radio Occultation Products from Metop;
    • K. B. Lauritsen (poster): Climate Data Based on GPS Radio Occultations;
    • F. Rubek (poster): GRAS SAF Processing and Archiving Center;
    • J. Schulz (poster): Comparison of ATOVS, CHAMP, and Ground-Based Humidity Estimates on Different Spatiotemporal Scales


  • 2nd GPS RO Data Users' Workshop, 22-24 August 2005, Lansdowne, Virginia.
    • Martin B. Sorensen (talk): The EUMETSAT Polat System, GRAS SAF, and Data Products
  • 2nd CM SAF User and Training Workshop, 29-31 August 2005, Nuremberg, Germany.
    • Hans Gleisner (talk):The GRAS SAF radio occultation processing center
  • 7th European Conference on Applications of Meteorology (ECAM), Utrect, Netherlands, 12-16 September 2005.
    • GRAS SAF presentation by Armin Loescher: Climate Change Monitoring Using GRAS Data
  • 2005 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference, 19-23 Sept 2005, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
    • K. B. Lauritsen (talk): GRAS SAF radio occultation processing center




  • OIST-4 Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 23-27 September 2002
    • GRAS SAF presentation by K. B. Lauritsen: Canonical Transform Methods
  • 1st International Workshop on Occultations for Probing Atmosphere and Climate (OPAC-1), Graz, Austria, 16-20 September 2002
  • The 2002 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 2-6 September 2002




  • The 1999 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Data Users' Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 6-10 September 1999

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