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GRAS SAF Climate Workshop (OPAC2010)

Graz, Austria, 6-11 September 2010

On September 6-11, 2010, the GRAS SAF co-organized OPAC2010 (International Occultations for Probing Atmosphere and Climate Workshop) together with the University of Graz. OPAC2010 comprised the Joint OPAC-4, GRAS SAF Climate, and IROWG-1 workshops, and was held in Graz, Austria.

OPAC2010 was a successful forum for everybody interested in atmospheric remote sensing by occultation methods and/or the use of occultation data in atmospheric physics, chemistry, and meteorology, this time with special focus on climate applications.

For access to the program, abstracts, and presentations please visit the OPAC2010 web page. All the GRAS/ROM SAF-related OPAC2010 presentations can also be viewed here.

The proceedings for OPAC2010 have been published as Special Issue No. 20 of the Atmospheric Measurement Techniques:
Observing Atmosphere and Climate with Occultation Techniques - Results from the OPAC2010 Workshop,
Eds. U. Foelsche, A. K. Steiner, and K. B. Lauritsen.

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